Is It Time to Replace Your Roof?

Most people aren’t always thinking about the quality of their roof, which can make it difficult to know exactly when you need a new one. Don’t wait until your roof falls in to get a replacement.

Inside Warning Signs

Start inside your house to look for clues that suggest an aging roof. Bring a flashlight to your attic and shine the light through each beam. Look for bright gaps indicating holes or yellow-brown stains from leaks.

Check the Shingles

Keep an eye on your roof shingles specifically after heavy storms. Notice if your shingles are cracking or curling up at the ends. The worst sign is bald spots caused by missing granules.

Watch for Moss Growth

It is common for moss to grow in the shadier spots on your roof, especially if your attic is not properly ventilated. Moss can sometimes be removed, but extreme cases can cause health hazards or damaged wood beams.


The usefulness of a roof typically expires after 20 years. If your roof is approaching its second decade and is exhibiting any of these warning signs, we at Sousa Roofing & Siding suggest springing for a replacement instead of a repair. Houses in the same neighborhood are usually built around the same time, so if your neighbors are getting new roofs it’s a good sign it’s time to upgrade as well.

Stay on top of your roof health by checking for these warning signs every month. Contact Us to schedule your no obligation roof inspection and free estimate if you find anything that is out of the ordinary!