What to Do if Your Roof is Leaking

If there is a leak in the roof, it is important to have it fixed right away. Sousa Roofing & Siding can inspect the roof as we can give the best advice as to what needs to be repaired and the extent of the damage. There are several reasons to repair the roof.

What Starts to Happen to a Roof That Leaks

If a roof leak isn’t fixed quickly, it can cause many costly problems. Water can get through any cracks in the roof shingles that a homeowner may not be aware of. If it gets under the roof shingles, it can get through the underlayment. Under this, there is plywood. If the water can get under the plywood, it will then leak into the home and onto the drywall. Within time, the drywall will wear down and the water leak will cause drywall to weaken. When this happens, water will drip into the house.

Damage Roof Leaks Can Cause

Water can quickly damage your flooring, interior drywall and furniture. Foundations of houses are not always completely level. Changes can occur over time, causing the flooring in some parts of the house to slightly slope. The sloping may not be noticeable until water starts to come in. The sloping can cause the water to be carried further into the house. This will result in more damage. The roof may leak in one area, but the water damage can be more extensive within the house. Another concern with water damage is the threat of mold. Mold can form quickly on wet wood and flooring. Mold is difficult to get rid of and is hazardous to humans and animals. Having mold in a house will require remediation services to destroy it. That will be an additional cost to the homeowner.

Getting a roof fixed as soon as a problem is realized will cost a homeowner less money in the long run. Water is extremely damaging to wood. If the water gets into the house, it will be damaging to the flooring, furniture and walls. It is best to have a professional examine the roof. Contact a Sousa Roofing & Siding to inspect and repair your roof.

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